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South African Nursing Council Employment Opportunities


Currently all closing dates for positions advertised for the South African Nursing Council, have expired.



The following position was advertised by the National Department of Health:

Document Name Type
Chief Executive Officer for OHSC


Applications for this position should be submitted to the Office of the Health Standards Compliance.


For enquiries, please contact Prof Lizo Mazwai on (047) 531 5071.


The closing date for applications for this position is 23 May 2016.


Job seekers should please note the following:

bulletAll employment opportunities at South African Nursing Council are advertised in the national press.
bulletPositions may be advertised on the Council's website.
bulletUnsolicited applications will be ignored.

Applicants that have been directed to this website by an advertisement in the national press can download and print an application form by clicking on the following link:

Document Name Type
Form: Application for a Position


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