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South African Nursing Council Objectives

The objectives of the South African Nursing Council are to:

bulletserve and protect the public in matters involving health services generally and nursing services in particular;
bulletperform its functions in the best interests of the public and in accordance with national health policy as determined by the Minister;
bulletpromote the provision of nursing services to the inhabitants of the Republic that complies with universal norms and values;
bulletestablish, improve, control conditions, standards and quality of nursing education and training within the ambit of this Act and any other applicable laws;
bulletmaintain professional conduct and practice standards for practitioners within the ambit of any applicable law;
bulletpromote and maintain liaison and communication with all stakeholders regarding nursing standards, and in particular standards of nursing education and training and professional conduct and practice both in and outside the Republic;
bulletadvise the Minister on the amendment or adaptation of this Act regarding matters pertaining to nursing;
bulletbe transparent and accountable to the public in achieving its objectives and in performing its functions;
bulletuphold and maintain professional and ethical standards within nursing; and
bulletpromote the strategic objectives of the Council.



2004 - 2021 South African Nursing Council (Under the provisions of the Nursing Act, 2005)