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Circular 18/2001

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To all Nursing Education Institutions, Non-training Institutions and Stakeholders


Annual Licensing Fee Increase 2002

Government Gazette No. 7223 of 5 December 2001.

You are hereby notified that the annual licensing fee for 2002 is increased with effect from 6 December 2001 as follows:

bulletRegistered Nurses
R160,00 (R140.35 + R19,65 VAT)
bulletEnrolled Nurses
R120,00 (R105,26 + R14,74 VAT)
bulletEnrolled Nursing Auxiliaries
R105,00 (R  92,11 + R12,89 VAT)

In respect of payments made prior to 6 December 2001:

  1. Any person that has paid the annual fee prior to the above date will not have to pay the difference between the old and new fee.
  2. Postal Fees: any fees paid via the postal service and the date on the article is before 6 December 2001 such person will not be expected to pay in the difference.

Payments through the Bank: all persons making payments to the bank from 6 December 2001 will be liable to pay the difference before an annual receipt will be issued.


Hasina Subedar
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer



Motivation for Annual Fee Increase

The South African Nursing Council over the last two years has managed to avoid an increase in the annual licensing fees. For the financial year 2002 the Council has faced a situation where an increase to the annual fees is unavoidable.

The factors that influenced the decision to increase fees are:

bulletIncreased costs for postage.
bulletInflation over the last two years has increased operating costs.
bulletIncrease in costs to be in line with technological developments in maintaining a register for nurses.
bulletNew legislation that has increased the functional responsibilities of the Council, specifically the South African Qualifications Authority Act of 1995 that has resulted in Council's
bulletAccreditation as an Education and Training Quality Assurance Body.
bulletParticipation in the Standard Generating Body for Nursing.
bulletIncreased activity of Council's committees to facilitate the transformation of the nursing profession.
bulletIncreased number of professional conduct complaints and complex cases.
bulletThe election costs for replacement of Council Members and the election of a new Council that will commence in June 2002.

The South African Nursing Council would like to assure the members of the nursing profession that we will continue to provide a high standard of service at the lowest possible cost.

Council resolved that those nurses that have already paid the annual fees prior to the Government Gazette Notice will not be charged the difference to make up the increased fee.

Kind Regards


Hasina Subedar
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer



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