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Circular 10/2002

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To all Training Institutions, Nursing Colleges, Technikons, Universities, Hospitals and Labour Organizations

Revision of fees for verifications, transcripts and confirmation letters

Council has approved at its meeting of 13 and 14 August 2002 to revise the following fees as stated below.  The revised fees are in accordance with the cost of processing these applications.

bulletVerification fees will increase from R114,00 to R500,00.
bulletTranscript fees will increase from R 100,00 to R500,00.
bulletConfirmation letters will be charged for at a fee of R50,00 per letter.

(The above fees include VAT at 14%)

The implementation of this circular is with effect from 27 September 2002.

Kind regards


Ms H Subedar
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer



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