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Circular 3/2003

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22 January 2003

To all:    Nursing Education Institutions
             Non-Training Institutions

Moratorium on Approval of New Nursing Education Institutions (NEI's) with effect from 1 January 2003

The South African Nursing Council has been accredited as an Education and Training Assurance Body (ETQA) by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

The Executive and Finance Committee has therefore, on 09 December 2002, resolved that:

bulletApproval of new nursing education institutions (NEI's) be suspended for a period of six months (01 January 2003 - 30 June 2003) to enable the Council to:
  1. Review its Quality Management System (QMS) and align it to SAQA requirements
  2. Conduct a situational analysis of the distribution of available NEI's

This moratorium will apply to all applications received by the Council after 20 December 2002.

We wish to apologise for any inconvenience this temporary moratorium might cause.

Your co-operation in this regard is appreciated.

Please contact Dr Grace Ramadi at telephone (012) 420 1060/59 for any enquiries.


Hasina Subedar
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer



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