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12 June 2007


The Executive , Finance and Staff Committee of the South African Nursing Council met today,12 June 2007 and noted with great concern the current disruption and suffering of patients in the health services.

The Council believes that the majority of nurses in South Africa respect the vulnerability and the rights of patients to receive care, and would like to be free to attend to their patients.

The Exco makes the following plea: 

“To the nurses please return urgently to work to care for our community. To the general public, please protect the safety of nurses and allow them to return to work.” 

The Exco also expressed sincere condolences to patients and their families who have been compromised during this time. We also express grave concerns and condolences for nurses who have been severely injured and have died while trying to get to work.

While recognizing the need for improvements in salaries and conditions of service and due process on negotiation, we plead that both patient and nurse safety be given the highest priority at this time.

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