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Circular 1/2010

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10 February 2010

TO ALL: Non-Training Institutions
Nursing Stakeholders
Registered holders of the qualifications

Status of Registered Certificate Courses Achieved Prior to the Repeal of the Regulations for those Courses on 17 August 1985

This circular applies to:

bulletCertificate in Renal Nursing (R. 670 of 31 March 1983 as amended)
bulletCertificate in Stoma Care Nursing (R. 670 of 31 March 1983 as amended)
bulletCertificate in Occupational Health Nursing (R. 238 of 13 February 1981 as amended)
bulletCertificate in Spinal Injury Nursing Science (R. 237 of 13 February 1981 as amended)

It has become apparent that, following the issuing of Council Circular 2/2007, the status of the abovementioned qualifications may not be well understood. This circular is being issued to clarify Council’s position regarding these qualifications.

Training for the above certificate courses was conducted in accordance with regulations of the Council at training providers approved to offer the programmes in accordance with the provisions of those regulations. Because the courses did not constitute a full year programme, a Diploma was not issued on successful completion of the course. Instead, the successful candidates were only issued a Certificate of Registration of the Additional Qualification.

These certificate courses therefore constitute Registered Additional Qualifications and, as such Circular 2/2007 (that deals with Listed Courses) does not apply to these qualifications. The abovementioned additional qualifications remains registered after the names of those nurses who achieved them – nothing has changed to affect this.

All queries in respect of this circular must be directed to the manager for the Registration Sections at the following number:

012 426-9599 (Registration)


S A Mchunu (Ms)
Acting Registrar



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