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Circular 5/2012

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TO ALL: Nursing Education Institutions
Provincial Departments of Health

Implementation of Revised Fees Payable to the South African Nursing Council for Accreditation of Nursing Education Institutions


The purpose of this circular is to inform providers of Nursing Education and Training, Provincial Departments of Health and stakeholders about the implementation of revised fees payable to the South African Nursing Council (SANC) for accreditation of nursing education institutions (NEI's).  This circular amends South African Nursing Council Circular 4/2012.


The Council, at its meeting of 28-29 March 2012, approved the fees stated below.  The revised fees are in accordance with the cost of processing applications, conducting accreditation visits and service to the nursing education institutions.

1.    Motivation for fees payable for the accreditation of nursing education institution

1.1    The SANC, as an accredited Education and Training Quality Assurance body (ETQA), is required to promote the quality of education and training amongst the nursing education and training providers.

1.2    These quality promotion activities have impact on the administrative and resources requirements, with considerable financial implications.

1.3    With the implementation of these fees for accreditation, the South African Nursing Council will be in position to improve on the quality and quantity of resources required for the accreditation process.

2.    Accreditation fees

2.1    Fees are determined in the following manner:

Number of programmes 1-2 = R10 000-00 3-6 = R15 000-00 7-10 = R20 000-00
Learner enrolment 25-50 = R5 000-00 51-75 = R10 000-00 76-100 = R15 000-00
Accreditation: additional learning facilities 1 = R10 000-00 2-4 = R15 000-00 5-10 = R20 000-00
Accreditation: additional clinical facilities 1-5 = R5 000-00 6-10 = R10 000-00 11-20 = R15 000-00
Re-accreditation of a nursing education institution R5 000-00    
Accreditation of a new nursing education institution R20 000-00    
One-year R1 000-00    
Two-year R2 000-00    
Four-year R5 000-00    
Post registration/
Post basic
R7 500-00    

N.B.:    Please note that these fees are subject to 14% VAT.  The above fee structure is applicable with effect from 1 June 2012.


Nursing education institutions are assessed in the following manner:

bulletAccreditation of a new nursing education institution (programme/s offered; number of intakes per programmes).
bulletRoutine accreditation of existing nursing education institution (programme/s offered, number of intake of students per intake).
bulletApplication of additional learning facilities or relocation.
bulletApplication of additional clinical facilities or relocation.
bulletApplication for additional programme/s to be offered.

Mr T Mabuda
Registrar and CEO
South African Nursing Council


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