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Circular 6/2014

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24 June 2014

To: Nursing Education Institutions
Provincial and National Departments of Health
Nursing Stakeholders

Payment of South African Nursing Council Prescribed Fees at the First National Bank Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

The South African Nursing Council (SANC) would like to encourage nurse practitioners to make use of the ATM ADVANCE machines at First National Bank branches, to deposit cash for the payment of any fees prescribed by the South African Nursing Council.

The benefits accruing from this method of payment are as follows:

bulletNo more standing in branch teller queues
bulletDeposits can be made after business hours
bulletReference numbers can be inserted when making deposits
bulletThis method of payment can be used even if you are not a First National Bank (FNB) client
bulletIt is quick, easy and secured

To make this process beneficial to everyone, SANC will also ensure that any prescribed fees are rounded off to eliminate any inconvenience.

First National Bank (FNB) has implemented new requirements when making payments into the South African Nursing Council’s reference deposit account.  Nurse practitioners must provide a 15 character payment reference consisting of their 8 digit SANC REFERENCE NUMBER followed by a 7 CAPITAL LETTER payment type code

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A N L F E E S

A list of payment codes provided below will assist SANC in detecting payments easily from our account so that deposits can be speedily processed.



Admission of guilt fines ADGUILT
Annual fees ANLFEES
Application fees (foreign applications) APPFEES
Certification of status fee CETSFEE
Duplicate certificate fee DUPCFEE
Examination fees (foreign application exams) EXAMFEE
Extract fees (extract from the Register) EXTRFEE
Late entry fees (foreign exam applicants) LATEFEE
Registration fees (additional qualifications) ADDQUAL
Registration fees (assessors, moderators, verifiers) ASSESSR
Registration fees (practitioners) REGFPRA
Remarking fees (exams) REMAFEE
Restoration fees RESTFEE
Transcript of training fees TRANFEE
Verification fees VERIFEE
Purchasing of distinguishing devices SALEDDS
Purchasing of printed matter (Nursing Act, Regulations, etc.) PRINMAT
Postage  POSTAGE
Other fees or payments (not mentioned above) OTHRFEE



Accreditation fees – Nursing Education Institution ACFLEEN
Accreditation fees – Reaccreditation of a Nursing Education Institution ACFRENE
Accreditation fees – Nursing Education Programme ACFNEPR
Annual Nursing Education Institution fee ANNFNEI
Application fees APFAPCE
Audit visit fees AUDVFEE
Examination fees (candidates) EXAMFEE
Focus visit fees (Clinical Facilities) FVFCLNC
Focus visit fees (Nursing Education Institution) FVFENEI
Late entry fees (exam candidates) LATEFEE
Registration fees (additional qualifications) ADDQUAL
Registration fees (learners) REGFLEN
Registration fees (practitioners) REGFPRA
Purchasing of printed matter (Nursing Act, Regulations, etc.) PRINMAT
Other fees or payments (not mentioned above) OTHRFEE


Please Note:  To expedite the processing of transactions for payments made by direct deposits, nurse practitioners are requested to fax or email the proof of payment and the prescribed SANC forms such as restoration forms, distinguishing devices forms, registration forms etc. to the contact details as provided on the forms.

Thank you for your co-operation.



Mr. Tendani Mabuda 
Registrar and CEO
South African Nursing Council


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