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Each nurse is uniquely identified on the eRegister (South African Nursing Council Electronic Register of Nurses and Midwives) by means of his or her South African Nursing Council (SANC) Number.  This number consists of eight digits and always starts with a "1".  The SANC Number is quoted as the reference number in all correspondence from the Nursing Council and is also used as an account number for financial transactions.  The SANC Number is the ONLY way that all practitioners can be positively identified in the eRegister.
Please enter the South African Identity Number without any spaces.

The eRegister contains the SA Identity Number of over 95% of practitioners - those who have provided certified copies of their identity documents to the Nursing Council.  Unfortunately, some foreign nurses do not have SA identity documents while some other nurses still have to submit the relevant copies.  So this information is NOT complete.  If you fail to trace a practitioner using an SA Identity Number, please try to establish his or her SANC Number.  Each practitioner should be able to provide you with this number.  Alternatively, please contact the Help Desk for assistance on telephone (012) 420-1000 during office hours or via email sent to
Once you have entered either the SANC Number or the ID Number, click the Find button (or press Alt+F) to process your enquiry.

Find is the default action for the input box.  If you press Enter once you have entered the required number, the Find function will be executed. 
Click the Help button (or press Alt+H) to display this help page. The Help page provides assistance for users of the eRegister.  You will also find a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at the bottom of the Help page. 
Click the FAQ button (or press Alt+Q) to display the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The FAQ page provides additional assistance for users of the eRegister.  You will also find a link to the Help page at the bottom of the FAQ page. 
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You do not have to close the current tab/your browser when leaving the eRegister.  If you want to continue surfing the Internet, you can simply type in a new URL or click on one of your favourites or another shortcut to leave the eRegister.
The '(as at DATE)' shown in the heading of the Enquiry Details pages is the date on which the information in the eRegister was last extracted from the official register. This may have been in the form of a complete extract (refresh) or just recent updates necessary to bring the eRegister in line with the official register at that point in time.  (See sections 35 and 36 of the Nursing Act, 2005.)

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