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Supplier Database Registration

From time to time, the SANC may issue invitations to register on its Supplier Database.  Such invitations will be published in the newspapers.  Prospective suppliers will have to download, complete and submit the Supplier Database Application Form as listed below.


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Supplier Database Application Form


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Invitation to register on SANC Supplier Database


Invitations to Bid

The following Invitations to Bid are currently available at SANC:


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Fire Doors


For enquiries, please email ndindili@sanc.co.za or tnyathi@sanc.co.za.

The cut-off for enquiries is 11:00 on 8 October 2020.



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For enquiries, please contact ndindili@sanc.co.za or tnyathi@sanc.co.za.

The cut-off for enquiries is 11:30 on 2 October 2020.


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