Circular 7/2000 Charges for services rendered

The SANC Circular 7/2000


To all Stakeholders, Nursing Schools and Non-training Institutions

Charges for Services Rendered

We refer to Circular 16/99 which listed cost recovery charges which came into operation as from 1 January 2000.

Unfortunately the circular omitted to state that the charges were VAT exclusive.  For ease of reference we state the charges again:

1. Approval of new nursing education programmes:-


per programme

(a)  Four year programme R700.00 + R98 VAT = R798.00
(b)  All other programmes R400.00 + R56 VAT = R456.00


2. Verification of Registration/Enrolment for persons going abroad:-


per verification

  R100.00 + R14 VAT = R114.00


3. Listing of qualifications:-


per qualification

  R100.00 + R14 VAT = R114.00


Frank Germishuizen
Acting Registrar and Chief Executive Officer