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South African Nursing Council Regulations

This website contains a full set of regulations published under the Nursing Acts.  These regulations incorporate all subsequent amendments.

The Minister of Health publishes regulations proposed by the South African Nursing Council in the Government Gazette.  Together with the Nursing Act, these regulations contain the legally enforceable policies of the Council.  The full set of regulations is published here as printed in the Gazette with all amendments and updates applied.  We hope that this will assist nursing students, nursing educators, nursing administrators and others who need to know and apply the current regulations.

Please bookmark this site and check it regularly to make sure that you are informed about the latest updates to the regulations.

Every effort has been taken to make sure that these regulations are 100% correct, but in the event of any discrepancy, the text published in the Gazette will always take precedence over the copies published here.

You may print copies of the regulations for your own personal use or for study purposes.  You may NOT sell any such copies.  You are welcome to extract quotations from the regulations for including in your own original works provided that the necessary reference to the Gazette is made.