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Blow the Whistle on Fraud and corruption.

Report any incidents of fraud, theft and corruption through the various available channels:

CALL: 0800 20 12 16


  • KPMG Hotfax: 0800 200 796
  • KPMG Hotmail:
  • KPMG Hotpost: BNT 371, PO Box, 14671, Sinoville, 0129

Remember! Ensure that you have the relevant information at hand before reporting fraud and/ or corruption incidences.

Checklist before you call:

  • What is the nature of the incident?  
  • Where specifically did it happen?
  • In which division/department did the incident take place?
  • Date and time the incident took place?
  • How long and how often has this been going on?
  • Number of people involved and their names and surnames?
  • Is there monetary value involved? How much?
  • Do you have any proof?

Important to note:

  • Do not use the Fraud Hotline for lodging complaints and enquiries.

The SANC has provided the relevant reporting channels for complaints, professional conduct related matters and enquiries.