Circular 15/2000 Repeal of regulations regarding fees to be paid

The SANC Circular 15/2000


To all Stakeholders, Nursing Education Institutions and Non-training Institutions

Repeal of regulations regarding fees to be paid to the South African Nursing Council and the amendment of inspection fees

The new regulations published under Government Notice No. R.921 of 15 September 2000 are available on this Web Site.

Please note that the regulations mentioned above have been repealed on 8 March 2013 and are replaced by new regulations published by Government Notice number R.170 of 8 March 2013 – which are also available under the Regulations page of this website.

Please note that the new fees reflected in the regulations do not include VAT and this will be charged accordingly.

Yours faithfully

Hasina Subedar (Ms)
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer