Circular 6/2002 Withdrawn – see Circular 12/2003

21 May 2002

This circular has been withdrawn and replaced by Circular 12/2003 (also available on this website).

21 May 2002

To all Nursing Education Institutions


Credits for Each Examination Paper Passed in the following Programmes:

Diploma for Registration as a Midwife – Government Notice No. R.254 of 14 February 1975 (as amended)
Diploma for Registration as a Psychiatric Nurse – Government Notice No. R.880 of 2 May 1975 (as amended)


The Council’s Executive Meeting of 24-25 April 2002 has resolved that:

Candidates for the abovementioned programmes retain credits for each examination paper passed
Candidates can therefore apply to rewrite only the paper which they have failed
The examination results will therefore show marks for the different papers written for these programmes.


Your co-operation in implementing this resolution and advising the candidates accordingly is highly appreciated.


Dr Grace Ramadi
for Registrar and Chief Executive Officer