Circular 7/2006: Appointment for examination activities – 2007 SANC Examinations


21 November 2006



South African Nursing Council Appointments for Examination Activities – 2007


The assistance of Principals / Persons in Charge of Nursing Education is sought in identifying and supporting suitable persons that will participate in the Council’s examination activities. The appointments are in respect of the following categories:

Invigilators (see separate specification below)

Examiners, Moderators and Markers

  1. In order to be considered, the applicants must comply with the following Council requirements:

1.1    The applicant must be registered as a nurse with an additional qualification in nursing education.

1.2    The applicant must have been actively involved in the theoretical and clinical accompaniment of pupils/students for the relevant course for a minimum period of two years.

1.3    In cases of clinical post-basic courses i.e. additional qualifications, the applicant must have the particular additional qualification registered against his/her name.

  1. The following documents must be submitted to the Council by the applicant:

2.1    Application letter

2.2    Completed application form

2.3    Curriculum Vitae

2.4    A sworn affidavit



  1. In respect of appointment of invigilators, the office of the Council has noted with concern that some invigilators/assistant invigilators are traveling long distances from their residential areas to the examination centre(s). These long distances have negative effects in case of emergency.

  2. You are therefore requested to submit names of invigilators whose single trip is no more than 50 kilometers. Please indicate the distance to be traveled on the application form.

  3. It is the responsibility of the Head of Institution (Principal) to ensure that the nominee has the ability to effectively carry out all the responsibilities of an invigilator. The enclosed instructions to invigilators will assist you in fulfilling this responsibility.

  4. The following documents must be submitted to the Council by the applicant:

4.1    Completed application form (form no longer on this website)

4.2    A sworn affidavit (form no longer on this website)


All applications for 2007 appointments must to be submitted to the Council by the end of business on Monday 11 December 2006.

Kindly make copies of the attached application forms and affidavit to be completed by identified persons at your institution.


Any enquiries in this regard may be referred to the following:

Manager – Examinations:   Ms M C Dioke
Telephone Number: 012 420 1044


Your cooperation and support will be highly appreciated.




Click on the following links to open and view/print  the various forms.

   Application Form: Examiners

   Application Form: Invigilator

   Application Form: Marker

   Application Form: Moderator

   Sworn Affidavit

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