Special News Item 3/2008

Nursing Strategy for South Africa 2008


The Department of Health has published the Nursing Strategy for South Africa 2008 on its website.

The development of a nursing strategy was a priority identified in the National Human Resources for Health Plan published in 2006.  The Strategy was developed by leaders drawn from many different fields in the nursing and health sectors and is governments plan for addressing the many challenges facing nursing in South Africa.

The document is published on the Nursing Council website at the request of the Department of Health in an attempt to distribute the information it contains as widely as possible amongst the nursing profession and others involved in the health care sector.  Please download a copy of the strategy document and share it with your friends and colleagues. To do so, click on the following link:  Nursing Strategy for South Africa 2008 (pdf 252kb)

 N.B. : This Nursing Strategy was replaced by the Nursing Strategy for SA 2012-17.