Press Release 1/2010 SANC supports the national campaign on the prevention and treatment of HIV and Aids


25 March 2010


For immediate release:


In strong support of the National Campaign on the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS, and in recognizing the essential role that nurses should play in reaching national goals, the South African Nursing Council pro-actively want to invite and enable all nurses to actively participate in this campaign (April 2010 – June 2011).

Retired nurses who are eligible for registration and who are currently not registered with South African Nursing Council are therefore invited to register as a specially created category of nurse in terms of section 31(2) of the Nursing Act, 2005.


Registration will imply:

valid registration for 12 months
participating in counseling, testing, general health screening, referring and educating of members of the public.


Nurses who, on a voluntary basis avail themselves to participate and support the campaign, can obtain more information from the following sources:

Phone : 012 426 9542



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