Circular 5/2011 Annual Returns – Nursing Council information requirements in terms of the Nursing Act

Circular 5/2011 Annual Returns – Nursing Council information requirements in terms of the Nursing Act


4 October 2011

To All:Departments of Health
 Nursing Education Institutions
 Nursing Employers

Annual Returns – Nursing Council Information Requirements in Terms of the Nursing Act


Provisions of the Nursing Act, 2005 enable the Nursing Council to require annual returns from both nursing education institutions and from employers of nurses. Sections 4(2)(k) and (l) read as follows:

4. (2) The Council may—

(a) …;

(k) require nursing education institutions to submit annual returns of learner nurses and to submit any information that the Council may require;

(l) require employers to submit annual returns of nurses in their employ and any other information necessary to enable the Council to perform its functions and fulfil its objectives;”

Council has embarked on an effort to collect personal and contact details of Nurses, Midwives and Student Nurses. This information is required:

To improve the ability of Council to communicate with practitioners and students; and
To enable Council to submit complete information to the National Learner Records Database (NLRD). In this regard please note that the NLRD contains details of both active learners and learners who were previously active (whether qualified or not).

You are therefore required to supply the Council with the required information in respect of every:

Nursing or Midwifery practitioner currently in your employment; and
Nursing/Midwifery student who is currently registered with your institution.

The exact information required is shown on the attached questionnaire. You can make and use copies of these questionnaires to submit the required information (this may be the obvious choice for small organisations). However, larger organisations are encouraged to download and use a copy of the requirements in spreadsheet form from the SANC website. The data can be imported into the spreadsheets from the organisation’s HR system or can be populated manually.

When you are satisfied that the information is correct, it should be forwarded to SANC:


For Attention: Senior Manager: Information Management
South African Nursing Council
P O Box 1123


For Attention: Senior Manager: Information Management


Your urgent attention to this matter will be appreciated. Please note that all submissions must be returned by 25 November 2011 at the latest.

Please try to provide as much of the optional information as possible. It is vital during this initial information collection exercise that at the very least the details which are indicated as compulsory be provided. These compulsory details include the following items:

SANC Reference number;
Full Given Names;
Mobile phone numbers;
Residential address (at HOME – not at your place of employment / where you are a student)
Name of Employer;
Area of Employment (or, if employed in more than one area, predominant area of employment); and
The identity number and date of birth fields – these will be used to confirm that the correct record is updated.

Please note that there is also a short questionnaire about your organisation on the SANC website ( This must also be completed in order to register your organisation on the SANC database. Once your organisation has been registered, you will be sent a confirmation together with a SANC reference number to be used by your organisation in future.

Thank you for your kind cooperation in supplying the required information.

If you have any questions, please put them in writing addressed as indicated above. The appropriate person to assist you will then make contact with you with answers to your queries.


Yours faithfully

Mr Tendani Mabuda
Registrar and CEO
South African Nursing Council

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