Circular 3/2013 Database for post basic programmes


19 March 2013

TO:National Department of Health
 Provincial Departments of Health
 Nursing Education Institutions
 Nursing Stakeholders

Data-base for Post Basic Programmes

In accordance with Chapter 2 of the Nursing Act, 2005 (Act No. 33 of 2005) the South African Nursing Council (SANC) as a regulatory body is responsible for regulating the provisioning of Nursing Education, Training and Practice thereby registering both practitioners (in prescribed categories) and learners (as learner nurse or learner midwife). The changing disease burden, health policies and nursing education and practice landscape has resulted in a constant need for nurses being trained as specialists in a number of Advance Nursing Practice areas and other health related fields. In an attempt to determine the feasibility of developing appropriate nursing education programmes and subsequent registers for Advance Practice Nurses in such fields, information is required that will assist the SANC to make informed and evidence based decisions in this regard. 

You are therefore kindly requested to:

  1. Identify priorities for fields of specialisation, keeping in mind the national health priorities.
  2. Provide the rationale for the specific field of specialisation.  Base the motivation on statistics and other evidence.
  3. Identify and explain the unique skills and competencies that will be required from a specialist nurse in the specific field.
  4. Develop the exit level outcomes of a possible qualification in such a field in line with the requirements of the National Qualifications Act, No 67, 2008. Take into consideration the types of qualifications, the admission requirements set out in this Act, the credits available to complete such qualification and the nature and level of exit level outcomes. 
  5. Present the information described in items 1- 4 above in a tabular form, using the template below.
  6. Submit this information as soon as possible to the Senior Manager: Education and Training. Dr S Mkhize: 


Field of specialisation (e.g. Forensic Nursing)

Originator and contributors to the document (e.g. Department of Health; Interest group; Individuals)

(Provide original signatures of as many of the persons involved in compiling the document)

Motivation for the training of nurses in this field of specialisation
Unique skills and competencies attached to the field of specialisation (These skills and competencies should distinguish the specialist nurse from a specialist nurse in any other field)
Exit level outcomes as applied to this field of specialisation
Existing and/or potential training institutions to offer training in the specialist field
Articulation of a specialist nurse in this field in terms of career pathing
Date of submission; contact details of responsible person(s)


The closing date for submission is 30 April 2013.


Yours Sincerely


Mr. T. Mabuda
Registrar and CEO:
South African Nursing Council

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