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Government Notice No. R.1649
as amended by
14 September 1973
No. R.480
10 March 1978


South African Nursing Council


Regulations Regarding the Conduct of Enrolled Nurses
which Shall Constitute Improper or Disgraceful Conduct


The Minister of Health, in terms of section 11(1) of the Nursing Act, 1957 (Act 69 of 1957), as amended, has approved the following regulations regarding the conduct of enrolled nurses which shall constitute improper or disgraceful conduct, made by the South African Nursing Council in substitution for the regulations published under Government Notice R.954 of 28 June 1963, as amended by Notices R.1259 of 26 July 1968, and R.1556 of 6 September 1968:


Note (i). – Attention is directed to section 22 of the Act, which reads as follows:

“The Council may, in the manner prescribed, enquire into any complaint, charge or allegation against any registered or enrolled person, or any person registered under section 14 or enrolled under section 15, of improper or disgraceful conduct, whether or not with regard to such person’s profession, or whether or not prescribed as constituting improper or disgraceful conduct, and may on conviction impose the penalties prescribed by section 25.”.

Note (ii). – Attention is directed to section 1(xii) of the Act, which reads as follows:

“In this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates, ‘nurse’ includes a nurse who is a male person.”. 


1.    An enrolled nurse shall carry out such nursing care as his enrolment permits under the direct or indirect supervision or direction of a registered nurse or, where applicable, under the direct or indirect supervision of a medical practitioner or a dentist or on his direction or written or verbal prescription.


1A:    (1) An enrolled nurse shall not advertise for professional gain, or permit such advertisement, other than by indicating his name, address, telephone number, hours of attendance and enrolled qualification in such advertisement.

(2) An enrolled nurse shall not advertise any other person (whether such person is registered or enrolled under the Act or registered under the Medical Act or not), or any product or business or institution or organisation of any nature whatsoever, for any purpose whatsoever and in any way whatsoever, or permit his name or photograph (whether in uniform or not) to be used in such an advertisement.

Breach of contract

2.    An enrolled nurse shall not without good cause break any contract of service into which he may have entered.

Professional reputation of registered and enrolled persons

3.    An enrolled nurse shall not wilfully cast reflection by word or implication upon the probity or professional reputation or professional skill of any person registered or enrolled under the Act or registered under the Medical Act.

Professional secrecy

4.    An enrolled nurse shall at all times observe the principles of professional secrecy.

Contempt of Council, its members and officials

5.    An enrolled nurse shall not wilfully commit any act or omission which will bring the council, or any of its members or officials, into contempt or disrepute, or which will hamper the work of the council.

Application to the territory of South-West Africa

6.    These regulations shall also apply in the Territory.


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