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Government Notice No. R.1747
as amended by
29 September 1972
No. R.1859
8 October 1976
No. R.2360
26 October 1984
No. R.279
15 February 1985
No. R.281
15 February 1985



South African Nursing Council


Regulations Regarding the Distinguishing Devices and Uniforms for Enrolled Nursing Assistants and Enrolled Pupil Nursing Assistants

The Minister of Health, in terms of section 11(1) of the Nursing Act, 1957 (Act 69 of 1957), as amended, has approved of the following regulations regarding the distinguishing devices and uniforms for enrolled nursing assistants and enrolled pupil nursing assistants, made by the South African Nursing Council:

1. (1)    An enrolled nursing assistant shall, in all areas of clinical nursing practice, wear a black coloured round distinguishing device with the wording “South African Nursing Council”, “Suid-Afrikaanse Raad op Verpleging”, “Nursing Assistant”, “Verpleegassistent” in silver coloured lettering round the edge, unless the Council determines otherwise.

(2)    The distinguishing device shall not be worn on the shoulder.

(3)    Any person who contravenes a provision of this regulation shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a maximum fine of twenty rand (R20).

2.    Any person who manufactures, sells or supplies the distinguishing device prescribed in regulation 1(1) without the written authority of the Council, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a maximum fine of fifty rand (R50).

3.    When an enrolled nursing assistant or an enrolled pupil nursing assistant wears a uniform-

(a)    it shall be of a plain tailored style and may include respectable full length tailored trousers. In the case of women, the skirt shall be at least knee length. In the case of men, long or short trousers may be worn;

(b)    The full uniform shall be of a plain colour;

(c)    The accessories shall be-

(i)    plain matching shoes in a matching colour;

(ii)    full length stockings for females and hose for men wearing short trousers;

(iii)    a tailored jacket/jersey or coat or cape of a plain colour, if worn.

4.    Notwithstanding the provisions of these regulations, an enrolled nursing assistant who is a member of the South African Military Nursing Services, or of the Nursing Services of the Prisons Department, need not wear the prescribed distinguishing devices when wearing military uniform, or the uniform of the Prisons Department, unless the Council determines otherwise.

5.    These regulations shall also apply in the territory of South-West Africa.



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