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Government Notice No. R. 2489
26 October 1990

South African Nursing Council


Regulations Concerning the Control of the Practice of Enrolled Midwives


The Minister of National Health and Population Development has, on the recommendation of the South African Nursing Council, in terms of section 45(1)(q) of the Nursing Act, 1978 (Act No. 50 of 1978), made the regulations set out in the Schedule hereto.



1.     In these regulations-

“specified officer” means the medical officer of health of a local authority or, where such position does not exist or is vacant, the registered nurse in charge of the nursing services of such local authority.

Keeping of lists of enrolled midwives in private practice by specified officers

2. (1)    Every specified officer shall keep a list of enrolled midwives conducting a private practice within his area of jurisdiction and shall exercise control over their practice in terms of these regulations.

(2)    An enrolled midwife’s name, address, population group, date of birth, marital status and the date on which his name was placed on the list referred to in subregulation (1), shall be entered on the list.

(3)    The date of enrolment with the council and proof of annual renewal of enrolment shall be entered by the specified officer.

Removal of name from list

3. (1) (a)    A specified officer shall remove the name of an enrolled midwife from the list referred to in regulation 2(1) if-

(i)    his name is removed from the council’s roll;

(ii)    such a request is made in writing;

(iii)    he has moved to the area of jurisdiction of another local authority;

(iv)    he is deceased.

(2)    The specified officer shall notify an enrolled midwife by registered post of such removal.

(3)    An enrolled midwife may apply for restoration of his name to the list.

Inspection of the practice of enrolled midwives

4. (1)    At least once every six months the specified officer shall, either personally or through a representative duly authorised thereto by him, examine the following in respect of each enrolled midwife whose name appears on the list:

(a)    The records he is obliged to keep in terms of Government Notice No. R. 2488 of 26 October 1990;

(b)    the condition of the equipment and material which in terms of Government Notice No. R. 2488 of 26 October 1990 an enrolled midwife shall have available at all times.

(2)    A specified officer shall-

(a)    bring any irregularity or shortcoming in the records, equipment or material of an enrolled midwife, which is established during an examination referred to in subregulation (1), to the notice of such enrolled midwife and request him to rectify the irregularity or shortcoming immediately; and

(b)    if the enrolled midwife refuses or fails to comply with such request, report the matter to the council.


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