Circular 3/2001 Contribution of questions to the Council’s Examination Bank

Circular 3/2001 Contribution of questions to the Council’s Examination Bank

12 February 2001

To all Nursing Education Institutions accredited to offer the Bridging Course for Enrolled Nurses leading to registration as a Nurse or Psychiatric Nurse (Government Notice No. R.683 of 14 April 1989 (as amended))


Contribution of Questions to the Council’s Examination Bank


The Council requests that nursing education institutions accredited to offer the abovenamed programme, submit examination questions (of their choice) with accompanying marking guides to the office of the Council.

The examination bank required is for both first year and the final year examinations.  This information will be entered into a database for the Bridging Course (R.682).


Thanking you in anticipation for your co-operation.


G Ramadi (Dr)
Deputy Registrar

Circular 2/2001 Criteria for the approval of clinical / additional Clinical Facilities

Circular 2/2001 Criteria for the approval of clinical / additional clinical facilities

12 February 2001

To all Accredited Nursing Education Institutions and all Stakeholders


Criteria for the Approval of Clinical/Additional Clinical Facilities


Cognisance should be taken of the following criteria applied by the Council for the approval of a clinical/additional clinical facility:

  1. The application for approval should be submitted to the Council by the approved nursing education institution (NEI) prior to the placement of students/pupils in the proposed clinical/additional clinical facility.
  2. Retrospective approval of clinical facilities will not be granted.
  3. The period for which students have been placed at a clinical facility that has not received prior approval, will not be recognised by this Council.
  4. Approval of a clinical facility is granted for a specific nursing education and training programme for a particular NEI.
  5. Automatic blanket approval for any programme for a particular NEI is not accommodated.
  6. A situational analysis, based on set norms and standards, of the facility should be carried out by the NEI. Where inadequate/inappropriate learning opportunities exist arrangements should be made for practica to be completed at an alternative facility.
  7. In the event of the alternative facility not being an approved facility, the same procedure is followed in order to obtain approval.
  8. A copy of the situational analysis, indicating that the facility meets with the predetermined standard of the NEI, must be submitted together with the application to the Council.
  9. A copy of the formal agreement between the NEI and the facility to be used for the placement of students/pupils should accompany the application. The formal agreement should specify the role of the facility versus that of the NEI in fulfilling the objectives for the said placement.
  10. An indication must be given of the maximum number of students/pupils to be placed at the facility as well as the duration of such placement.
  11. The name(s) and professional qualifications of the person(s) responsible for the structured clinical guidance and the clinical accompaniment, as well as the number of students/pupils each preceptor is responsible for, should be submitted by the NEI to the Council annually, for as long as the clinical facility is to be used by the NEI.
  12. Documented evidence of clinical accompaniment must be kept for all basic, supplementary basic and post basic nursing education and training programmes.


The Council has the mandate to inspect all facilities where students/pupils are placed for clinical practica at any time. The Council may also interview students and personnel during such an accreditation visit.


G Ramadi (Dr)
Deputy Registrar
S A Nursing Council

Circular 1/2001 Spelling mistake on cover of Afrikaans version of the Nomination Form

Circular 1/2001 Spelling mistake on cover of the Afrikaans version of the Nomination Form



To all Stakeholders, Nursing Education Institutions and Non-training Institutions

Correction Notice

Correction of a spelling mistake on the cover of the Afrikaans version of the nomination form published under Government Notice number 95 of 17 November 2000 for a by-election to replace a resigned registered member of the Council.


On the cover of the Nomination Form of the Afrikaans version, the word “Berpleging” is to be replaces by “Verpleging”.  You are kindly requested to bring this to the attention of your staff and colleagues.

This correction is done in good faith and without prejudice.  We regret the inconvenience that this might have caused.


Hasina Subedar (Ms)
Returning Officer