Circular 18/2001 Annual Licencing Fee increase 2002

7 December 2001

To all Nursing Education Institutions, Non-training Institutions and Stakeholders


NOTICE: Annual Licensing Fee Increase 2002


Government Gazette No. 7223 of 5 December 2001.


You are hereby notified that the annual licensing fee for 2002 is increased with effect from 6 December 2001 as follows:

Registered Nurses
R160,00 (R140.35 + R19,65 VAT)
Enrolled Nurses
R120,00 (R105,26 + R14,74 VAT)
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries
R105,00 (R  92,11 + R12,89 VAT)

In respect of payments made prior to 6 December 2001:

1. Any person that has paid the annual fee prior to the above date will not have to pay the difference between the old and new fee.

2. Postal Fees: any fees paid via the postal service and the date on the article is before 6 December 2001 such person will not be expected to pay in the difference.


Payments through the Bank: all persons making payments to the bank from 6 December 2001 will be liable to pay the difference before an annual receipt will be issued.


Hasina Subedar
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer