Circular 2/2002 Education and Training of Nurses in HIV/Aids Management

Circular 2/2002 Education and Training of Nurses in HIV/Aids Management

28 March 2002

To all Training Institutions, Nursing Colleges, Technikons, Universities and Stakeholders


Education and Training of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Management


t has come to the attention of Council that although providers have been advised to include HIV/AIDS in the curriculi for both basic and post-basic programmes, there is no clarity regarding the content that should be taught.  As a result most of the nurses in the country have very little knowledge about this disease.  Providers are again requested to ensure that students and practising nurses are updated on issues of HIV/AIDS.


It is recommended that the subject content include the following topics:

Awareness and basic knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the immune system
Pathophysiology and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Diagnosis including voluntary counselling and testing
Prevention and control of HIV
Management of clinical manifestations of HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infections
Antiretroviral treatment
Psychosocial economic issues and support
Principles and strategies of behaviour change
Palliative and homebased care
Legal and ethical issues
HIV/AIDS in the workplace
Research based on clinical experiences of HIV/AIDS
Care of caregivers

The following sources of information are recommended:

1.Fact sheet on HIV/AIDS a desktop reference
Compiled and edited for South Africa by:

The National Department of Health

The World Health Organisation


DENOSA (Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa)


This publication is available at the:

Department of Health, Pretoria

DENOSA – Head Office and all provincial offices

The South African Nursing Council


2. Nursing Curriculum

Developed in Sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with the Baylor International Paediatric AIDS Initiative, Bayler College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA.
Your co-operation in preparing nurses for this pandemic is appreciated.

Grace Ramadi
for Registrar and Chief Executive Officer