Special News Item 3/2003 SANC elections

SANC Elections 2003


The term of office of the 12th Council has expired and the election of members for a new Council has now been finalized.  The list of appointed members will be published in the Government Gazette shortly.  The new Council will be constituted at its first meeting – scheduled to be held on 26 and 27 June 2003.

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The results of the elections were published in Board Notice 46 of 2003 in Government Gazette No. 24899 of 23 May 2003.

The full results of the elections are also available on this website.

Timing is very important in the election process.  Click here to see the Election Schedule.  The progress so far is outlined below:

1.    Notice of election and calling for nominations – completed

notice calling for the nomination of candidates for election as members of the South African Nursing Council for the period 30 May 2003 to 29 May 2008 was published by the Returning Officer in the Government Gazette.

Circular 4/2003 was sent to all stakeholders to inform them of the call for nominations.  A copy of the board notice was attached to the circular.  The notice could also be downloaded and printed from this web-site.

2.    Submission of nominations closed 28 February – completed

The nominations were carefully checked to make sure that they complied with all the necessary requirements.

3.    Preparation of ballot papers – completed

The Returning Officer submitted the list of validly nominated candidates to the Government Printers.

The ballot papers and other documents and stationery to be used in the election process were printed.

4.    Publication of the names of candidates – completed

The names of all validly nominated candidates were published in the Government Gazette on Friday, 14 March 2003 in Board Notice 26 of 2003.  An amendment board notice was also published in the Government Gazette on Tuesday, 25 March 2003 in Board Notice 29 of 2003 to correct certain errors in the original board notice.

The (corrected) list of the names of candidates is available on this web-site.

5.    Dispatching of ballot papers by post – completed

The mailing house completed the dispatching of ballot papers by post to all eligible voters.

6.    Voting – completed

Voters have completed their voting documents and returned them by post or by hand to the Returning Officer.

As each vote was received, the information on the identification envelope was checked to make sure that it was in order.  The voters name was also checked against the applicable voter’s roll to make sure that the vote was valid and that the voter had not voted more than once.

7.    Closing of receipt of ballot papers – completed

Voting closed exactly at 12:00 (midday) on 16 May 2003.

All ballots that did not reach the Returning Officer before the closing date and time have not been included in the election process.

8.    Counting of Votes – completed

The counting of votes took place over the weekend of 17 – 18 May 2003.  The counting process ended at about 19:00 on Sunday evening.

The three separate categories in the election were counted separately and the results announced before the counting of votes for the following category commenced.

A number of candidates and candidate’s representatives attended the counting as observers.

The representatives of the Independent Electoral Commission who have been monitoring the election process were also present for the duration of the counting.

Click on this link to see photos of the counting process (these photos are no longer available on the website).

9.    Announcement of Results – completed

The announcement of the results by the Returning Officer was done at the counting, immediately after the results for each category have been finalized.

Click on the links below to see the results for the different categories:

Enrolled Nurses
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliaries
Registered Nurses/Midwives

10.  Publication of results – completed

The results of the elections have been published in Board Notice 46 of 2003 in Government Gazette No. 24899 of 23 May 2003.

The full results have also been published on this web site.