Circular 6/2003 Names of candidates for election of members to the South African Nursing Council

07 April 2003

To all:    Nursing Education Institutions
             Non-Training Institutions


Names of Candidates for Election of Members to the South African Nursing Council


list of candidates nominated for the above election as published in Board Notice No. 26 of Government Gazette No. 25012 of 14 March 2003 and the amendment to it, Board Notice No. 29 of Government Gazette No. 24590 of 25 March 2003 (both of which are no longer on this website).

The nominated persons will be elected by nurses registered/enrolled with the Council to serve as members of the South African Nursing Council for the period 30 May 2003 until 29 May 2008.

The ballot papers have already been dispatched to the address of each nurse currently on the register/roll.  A nurse may only vote for members that are in the same category i.e. a registered nurse may only vote for 12 registered nurses, an enrolled nurse may only vote for 3 enrolled nurses, and an enrolled nursing auxiliary may only vote for 3 enrolled nursing auxiliaries.

The closing date for the submission of ballot papers is 16 May 2003.  If a nurse has not received a ballot paper or has spoilt the ballot paper, he/she may request a ballot paper by contacting the Returning Officer at the Council.  Such a request must be in writing stating the reasons why a ballot paper is requested.


For enquiries regarding the election and election process contact the Communications Section at the following telephone numbers:

The Communications Officer (012) 420 1000
Facsimile (012) 343 5400


Hasina Subedar
Returning Officer