Circular 12/2003 Retention of credits for papers/components passed in examinations conducted by SANC

28 October 2003

To all:    Nursing Education Institutions
             Nursing Stakeholders


Retention of Credits for Papers / Components Passed in Examinations Conducted by the South African Nursing Council


The Executive Committee of 25 & 26 September 2003 resolved to withdraw Circular 6/2002 and to implement the following resolutions:

  1. Examination results for the following programmes will, in future, indicate marks for each paper / component:

1.1    Diploma in Midwifery for Registration as a Midwife (GN No. R.254 of 14 February 1975 as amended)

1.2    Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing for Registration as a Psychiatric Nurse (GN No. R.880 of 2 May 1975 as amended)

1.3    Bridging Course for enrolled nurses leading to registration as a general nurse or a psychiatric nurse (GN No. R.683 of 14 April 1989 as amended) Final examination only.

  1. A candidate shall retain credits for each paper / portion passed and only rewrite the paper(s) / portion(s) failed or repeat the clinical practica, irrespective of the mark (percentage) obtained.
  2. A candidate who has failed the examination for the first time need not apply to rewrite. Entry into the next examination will be effected administratively provided the Application form for admission or re-admission to the examination and the prescribed fees reach the Council before the closing date for the particular examination.
  3. A candidate who fails at the second attempt shall be registered as a pupil / student to undergo academic support through an approved nursing education institution offering the particular program and thereafter rewrite the failed portion(s) / paper(s). The duration of the academic support will be determined by the learning needs of the candidate as identified by both the candidate and the nursing education institution.


Your co-operation in implementing this resolution and advising the candidates accordingly is highly appreciated.


Yours faithfully,


(Signed: G Ramadi)
Dr G Ramadi
for The Registrar