Press Release 1/2005 Reminder to nurses to pay their annual fees by 31 March 2005


23 February 2004

For immediate release:



According to the Nursing Act, 1978 nurses are compelled to register with the council and pay an annual license fee before they are permitted to practice nursing.

The closing date for payment of the annual licensing fees for nurses is Thursday, 31 March 2005. It is vital for nurses practising to pay their annual licensing fees before the due date. A nurse that fails to pay the license fee before this date, will be removed from the register. The removal of a nurses names from the register/roll will impact negatively on their employment status as such person can is not permitted to practice nor be employed as a nurse.

Nurses who have not paid their annual licensing fees are advised to do so before the closing date, as practising while off the register constitutes a professional misconduct and could lead to disciplinary action against him/her.

The South African Nursing Council registers/enrolls all categories of nurses practising nursing in South Africa and below are the fees payable by each category:

Registered nurse R176.00 
Enrolled nurse R132.00
Enrolled nursing auxiliary R116.00

Annual fees can be paid over the counter at the Council’s Pretoria office, by post or deposited into the Council’s bank account.


Any enquiries should be directed to the Communications Officer, tel no: 012 420 1000


Issued by the South African Nursing Council in Pretoria.


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