Press Release 2/2005  Caution issued to all prospective nursing students to beware of training which is NOT APPROVED by the South African Nursing Council

24 February 2005

For immediate release:


Caution against “nursing” training not recognized by the South African Nursing Council 


It has come to the attention of the South African Nursing Council that there are numerous schools that are offering 3-6 months courses known as “home based care”, “health care worker” or “pre-nursing” courses. The impression created to the public is that on completion of such a course, the person will be entitled to practice as a nurse or these courses are entry requirements for a course in nursing. These courses are not nursing courses and the SANC does not recognize such training for a person to practice as a nurse.

The entry requirement for a course for enrolled nurses and nursing auxiliaries is prescribed in Regulations of the SANC as being an academic standard 8 (grade 10) or an equivalent educational qualification. Many learners are made to believe that to enter nursing, they must complete a so-called “pre nursing” course. This is not a requirement of the South African Nursing Council. Some of the private nursing schools either own or have direct links with the schools providing these unapproved courses and use these schools to channel learners into the approved nursing schools. The SANC does not condone this practice and considers this practice to be unlawful.

Any education institution that provides nursing education and training without the approval of the SANC is operating illegally in terms of the Nursing Act No. 50 of 1978. “Illegal nursing education institutions are spreading at an alarming rate. The SANC will not recognise qualifications or certificates of students who were trained at these illegal institutions. We also appeal to the community to notify the council of any school offering nursing training illegally”. said Ms. Hasina Subedar, Registrar and CEO of the SANC.

Students who consider training as nurses should first verify with the council the status of the nursing education institution in which they wish to enroll before paying tuition fees. A person is only permitted to practice as a nurse if he/she is registered or enrolled as a nurse with the SANC. The SANC only recognizes training provided by nursing education institution that are approved by council. 

The SANC commits itself in ensuring that the standards of nursing education and the practice of nurses and midwives is such that the public receives knowledgeable, competent, safe and ethical nursing care.

To check the status of a nursing education institution, please call 012 420 1000 and to report illegal nursing institutions call 012 420 1074 or 012 420 1075.


Any enquiries should be directed to the Communications Officer, tel. no: 012 420 1000


Issued by the South African Nursing Council in Pretoria.


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