Circular 4/2007 Issuing of student cards to all learners who registered/enrolled with SANC


30 March 2007

To All:Nursing Education Institutions
 Nursing Labour Organisations


Issuing of Student Cards to all Learners who are Registered/Enrolled with the South African Nursing Council


The Council will shortly be sending out Student Cards for all learners who are registered or enrolled with the Nursing Council to follow a programme at an approved Nursing Education Institution. In future, these cards will be sent out on registration or enrolment of new learners.

Nursing Education Institutions are required to distribute the cards to the learners as soon as they are received and to ensure that the learners immediately sign their cards in the space provided. Institutions should encourage learners to carry the card with them at all times, but particularly when in a clinical situation.

The purpose of the Student Card is to generate awareness about the importance of quality assurance in nursing education and training among learners. As the ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assurance body) for all nursing education programmes, the Nursing Council is responsible to ensure that learners receive nursing education that meets the required standards – in terms of both the Nursing Act and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Act. The Nursing Council does this by accrediting both the nursing programmes and the institutions that provide the programmes. In the future, the Nursing Council will also be conducting auditing of the Nursing Education Institutions to make sure (among other things) that the necessary quality control systems are in place.

The Student Card will serve as proof that the learner is registered/enrolled with the Nursing Council and that he/she is following an accredited course at an accredited nursing education institution. This will give the learner confidence that, on successful completion of the course, his/her training will be recognised by the Nursing Council. The cards may also serve to alert a learner who does not receive a card that he/she may be training at an institution that is not accredited by the Nursing Council.


Sizeni Mchunu
For Registrar and Chief Executive Officer 

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