Circular 4/2014 Cancellation of SANC examination question papers


5 May 2014


To all: Principals of Nursing Education Institutions
  Main Invigilators

Cancellation of the South African Nursing Council (SANC) Examination Question Papers for Final Enrolment as a Nurse (R.2175) for the following electives: General, Community, Psychiatric and Nursing Care of the Aged to be written on 12 May 2014

It has come to our attention that the courier vehicle which was transporting SANC examination papers for the Final Enrolment as a Nurse (R.2175) for the following electives: General, Community, Psychiatric and the Nursing Care of the Aged to some Nursing Education Institutions (NEI’s) was hijacked.  These examinations were scheduled to be written on 12 May 2014. You are therefore informed that all the original examination papers referred to above are nullified and must not be distributed to candidates on 12 May 2014.  (These papers are printed on WHITE paper.)

NB:  For those NEI’s that have received their examination boxes earlier from the courier, the Main Invigilators should take out from the previously sent examination boxes only the following examination materials: answer books, attendance lists, claim forms and Courier waybills for sending back the examination material to SANC.  The new boxes with different examination papers are being couriered to your NEIs.  White cable ties have been used on these boxes, to distinguish them from the ones previously dispatched to your NEI’s dated 12 May 2014.  The replacement papers are printed on peach coloured paper.

Main Invigilators will receive two (2) security codes via SMS on 12 May 2014 to open the examination boxes in order to retrieve the contents.

Kindly communicate with the following personnel in Assessments Section in case of problems encountered on the day (12 May 2014) of the examination:

Mrs. M.N. Dolo Manager: Assessments e-mail
telephone: 012 426 9596
Mrs. R.M.J. Machailo Professional Advisor e-mail
telephone: 012 426 9534
Mrs. M. Cronje Administrative Officer e-mail
telephone: 012 420 1044
Ms. M.M. Kgatle Administrative Officer e-mail
telephone: 012 420 1079

Thank you for your cooperation.


Mr. T. Mabuda 
Registrar and CEO
South African Nursing Council

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