Circular 2/2012 Penalty for candidates found cheating in examinations


23 April 2012

TO ALL:Nursing Education Institutions
 Provincial Departments of Health

Implementation of a Penalty on Candidates Found to be Cheating on Examinations



The purpose of this circular is to inform providers of Nursing Education and Training, Provincial Departments of Health and stakeholders about the implementation of a penalty on candidates found to be cheating during examinations.



The Council, at its meeting of 28-29 March 2012, approved the implementation of a penalty as stated below:

1.1    Students found copying during Council examinations should not be allowed to write another Council examination for a period of two years.

1.2    The names of such students should be flagged in the Council’s system in order to prevent admission to other Nursing Education Institutions.


This sanction becomes applicable as from 1 May 2012.


Mr T Mabuda
Registrar and CEO
South African Nursing Council

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