Press Release 1/2014 International Nurses’ Day

Press Release 1/2014 International Nurses’ Day- 2014


9 May 2014





The 12th of May is a day when nurses globally reflect on and celebrate the meaning and value of their contribution in the health care delivery.  This celebration emanates from the birthday of the Nursing Icon, Florence Nightingale, who made great strides in the development of nursing as a profession.

Nurses form the largest health care workforce hence often referred to, in many spheres, as the backbone of the health care system.  This is indeed demonstrated by nurses coming to the rescue of the health care system in the form of task shifting to meet the dynamic contextual challenges.  For example, when the HIV/AIDS pandemic set in, the nurses began to maintain and later initiate ART under the banner of NIMART.  The NHI is currently being implemented and the nurses are playing the greatest role to ensure universal access and affordability of health care to the South African Community.  The quadruple disease burden has required reshaping the role of even the lower categories of nursing to the extent that a need has arisen that the scope of all categories and curriculum be changed to meet the current challenges in South Africa.  It is therefore not surprising that the theme to celebrate this day for 2014 is:

“Nurses: A force for change – A vital resource for health”

In 2014, the Nurses’ Day coincides with the celebration of the 20 years of democracy which the nurses were part of and aligned themselves with.  Soon after democracy, nurses have formed a democratically elected Nursing Council which has aligned the legislative framework to assist nurses to meet the demands of a health system in transformation.  The South African nurses have been able to meet in numbers to determine their fate in a summit held in 2011, culminating in a compact that gave birth to The Strategic Plan for Nurse Education, Training and Practice 2012/13 – 2016/17.  The Minister of Health, Dr. Motsoaledi has appointed the Chief Nursing Offer to facilitate the implementation of this strategy.  All we need as nurses is to hold hands and find our way forward.

The South African Nursing Council supports all the efforts to meet above mentioned challenges.  For example, the Council has realigned the Scopes of Practice and is transforming Nursing Education at all levels using a consultative process with relevant structures.  This includes formalization of a specialist category to support ever shifting tasks for nurses.

Most importantly, the South African Nursing Council salutes nurses of this country who despite daily pressures and challenges, continue to prioritize the welfare of their patients and continue to keep the lamp of Florence Nightingale burning.  However, the Council urges the South African nurses to keep in mind that nursing is a noble profession and professionalism and ethics must take centre stage in all our endeavours.

The South African Nursing Council hopes, with the support of the South African nurses at all levels and structures, to: Think strategically, act ethically and lead professionally.


Issued by

The Chairperson : Prof B R Bhengu
South African Nursing Council
Cecilia Makiwane Building
P O Box 1123

For more information contact

Ms Party Day Moloi
Tel : 012 426 9542 / 083 496 8366
Fax : 012 426 9554 / 086 231 9094

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Circular 4/2014 Cancellation of SANC examination papers

Circular 4/2014 Cancellation of SANC examination question papers


5 May 2014


To all: Principals of Nursing Education Institutions
  Main Invigilators

Cancellation of the South African Nursing Council (SANC) Examination Question Papers for Final Enrolment as a Nurse (R.2175) for the following electives: General, Community, Psychiatric and Nursing Care of the Aged to be written on 12 May 2014

It has come to our attention that the courier vehicle which was transporting SANC examination papers for the Final Enrolment as a Nurse (R.2175) for the following electives: General, Community, Psychiatric and the Nursing Care of the Aged to some Nursing Education Institutions (NEI’s) was hijacked.  These examinations were scheduled to be written on 12 May 2014. You are therefore informed that all the original examination papers referred to above are nullified and must not be distributed to candidates on 12 May 2014.  (These papers are printed on WHITE paper.)

NB:  For those NEI’s that have received their examination boxes earlier from the courier, the Main Invigilators should take out from the previously sent examination boxes only the following examination materials: answer books, attendance lists, claim forms and Courier waybills for sending back the examination material to SANC.  The new boxes with different examination papers are being couriered to your NEIs.  White cable ties have been used on these boxes, to distinguish them from the ones previously dispatched to your NEI’s dated 12 May 2014.  The replacement papers are printed on peach coloured paper.

Main Invigilators will receive two (2) security codes via SMS on 12 May 2014 to open the examination boxes in order to retrieve the contents.

Kindly communicate with the following personnel in Assessments Section in case of problems encountered on the day (12 May 2014) of the examination:

Mrs. M.N. Dolo Manager: Assessments e-mail
telephone: 012 426 9596
Mrs. R.M.J. Machailo Professional Advisor e-mail
telephone: 012 426 9534
Mrs. M. Cronje Administrative Officer e-mail
telephone: 012 420 1044
Ms. M.M. Kgatle Administrative Officer e-mail
telephone: 012 420 1079

Thank you for your cooperation.


Mr. T. Mabuda 
Registrar and CEO
South African Nursing Council

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