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Regulations Index: Section 3

REPEALED Regulations by Government Notice Number

 of 10 January 1964Regulations regarding the conditions under which the business of a nursing agency may be carried on
(These regulations have NOT been repealed – however, they are no longer relevant as licensing of Nursing Agencies as a function of South African Nursing Council is no longer part of the Nursing Act, 2005.  These regulations will be repealed in due course)

R.921 of 15 September 2000Regulations regarding fees to be paid to the South African Nursing Council
(Repealed 8 March 2013)

R.933 of 28 June 1963Regulations regarding the fees to be paid to the Council in respect of certain inspections
(Repealed 15 September 2000)

R.1206 of 7 July 1972Regulations regarding rolls for Nursing Auxiliaries
(Repealed 19 February 2008)

R.1318 of 10 October 1997Regulations relating to the election of members of the Council
(Repealed 16 January 2008)

R.1924 of 15 October 1993Regulations relating to the nomination of candidates for appointment by the Minister as members of the Council
(Repealed 16 January 2008)

R.3588 of 24 October 1969Regulations regarding rolls for Enrolled Nurses and Midwives
(Repealed 19 February 2008)

R.3589 of 24 October 1969Regulations regarding registers
(Repealed 19 February 2008)

R.3901 of 12 December 1969Regulations for colleges
(Repealed 8 March 2013)

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