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Fee and Fine Payable to SANC

The fees and fines payable to South African Nursing Council are regulated by the Regulations regarding Fees and Fines payable to the South African Nursing Council published by Government Notice No. R.170 of 8 March 2013 (as amended).

The amounts payable for the various fees is published by Notice in the Government Gazette – as and when the fee amounts are amended.  A list of the currently applicable notices can be found at the bottom of this web page.

  1. If you want to pay your Annual Fees, go to the Annual Fees page.

  2. If you want to pay for the Restoration of your name to the register, go to the Restorations page.

  3. If you want to purchase Distinguishing Devices, go to the Distinguishing Devices page.

The information below applies to all other payments to SANC, and specifically with making payments into SANC’s bank account.  SANC encourages all clients to make use of its reference deposit bank account for all payments as the most cost and time effective method of making such payments.

South African Nursing Council Reference Deposit Bank Account Details

South African Nursing Council prefers all payments to be made into its Reference Deposit Bank Account.  This account has been specially set up so that the details of the payer and the purpose for which the payment is made can be captured by the bank – which will significantly speed up the time taken to process payments.

The SANC’s Reference Deposit Bank Account details are as follows:

Council Bank Details:

Bank Name:First National Bank
Branch Name:Corporate Core Banking – Pretoria
Branch Code:253145
Account Name:S A Nursing Council No 2 Account
Account Number:514 211 86 193

While payments into this account can be made in person at any branch of FNB (First National Bank), electronic means such as Internet banking, cell phone banking, and ATM payments can also be used.  Some of these require that a payment beneficiary be set up on your bank/card account.  Please consult your own bank if you need any assistance in setting up a beneficiary.

Standard Bank clients should please select the option for paying a business account.  When asked to enter the name of the beneficiary, you should enter ‘S A Nursing Council’ – please note the SPACE between the ‘S’ and the ‘A’ otherwise you will not see SANC’s details listed.

The special features of this reference deposit account is that it has the ability to capture the payers account number and a payment type code in the Reference details.  This information is verified (for correct format) if paying at any FNB branch or when using FNB online banking.  Standard Bank’s system will insist on and only permit the account number to be captured.  For all other methods of electronic payments, it is up to the person making the payment to ensure that the correct information is provided.

How to use the Reference Deposit Account to pay Fees or Fines owed to the South African Nursing Council

No matter what method of payment you choose, albeit at an FNB branch or some form of electronic banking, you must please ensure that the deposit reference is correctly filled in.  The reference consists of two parts:

  1. Your SANC account number (8 digits); and
  2. A payment type code (7 CAPITAL LETTERS) – written immediately after the account number.

The following line is an example of what a correct reference will look like:


In this example, ‘12345678‘ is the account number and ‘ANLFEES‘ is the payment type code.  You will notice that the reference is always 15 characters long.

PLEASE NOTE that the above reference is only an example and you should not use the above details for making any payment (it will be rejected by the bank).  You must use your own reference number as the account number and choose the appropriate payment type code from the list given below.

STEP 1:  Check and write down your SANC account number.  This is the same as your SANC reference number which is always 8 digits long and starts with a ‘1’.

STEP 2:  Determine the appropriate payment type code from the list below and write it immediately after your SANC account number.  Do NOT leave a space between your account number and the payment type code

This is your correct reference to be used for this payment.  (Any future payments will use the same account number but the payment type code may change according to the purpose for which payment is being made.)

List of Payment Type Codes

To be used by Individuals

of the
Type Code
To be used for paying for:
7(1)(a)ADGUILTAdmission of guilt fines
2(1)(c)ANLFEESAnnual Fees
2(1)(g)APPFEESApplication Fees (foreign applications)
2(1)(k)CETSFEECertificate of Status Fee
2(1)(l)DUPCFEEReplacement Certificate Fee
2(1)(m)EXAMFEEExamination Fees (foreign application exams)
2(1)(n)EXTRFEEExtract Fees (extract from the register)
2(1)(q)LATEFEELate Entry Fees (foreign exam applicants)
2(1)(s)ADDQUALRegistration Fees (additional qualifications)
2(1)(t)ASSESSRRegistration Fees (assessors, moderators, verifiers)
2(1)(v)REGFPRARegistration Fees (practitioners)
2(1)(x)REMAFEERemarking Fees (exams)
RESTFEERestoration Fees
2(1)(aa)TRANFEETranscript of Training Fees
2(1)(b)VERIFEEVerification Fees
 SALEDDSPurchasing of Distinguishing Devices
 PRINMATPurchasing of Printed Matter (Nursing Act, regulations, etc.)
 OTHRFEEOther fees or payments (not mentioned above)

To be used by Institutions/Organisations/Companies

of the
Type Code
To be used for paying for:
2(1)(a)ACFLEENAccreditation Fees – Nursing Education Institution
ACFRENEAccreditation Fees – Reaccreditation of a Nursing Education Institution
2(1)(b)ACFNEPRAccreditation Fees – Nursing Education Programme
2(1)(c)ANLFEESAnnual Fees on behalf of your employees
2(1)(d)ANNFNEIAnnual Nursing Education Institution Fee
APFAPCEApplication Fees
2(1)(j)AUDVFEEAudit Visit Fees
2(1)(m)EXAMFEEExamination Fees (candidates)
2(1)(o)FVFCLNCFocus Visit Fees (clinical facilities)
2(1)(p)FVFENEIFocus Visit Fees (nursing education institution)
2(1)(q)LATEFEELate Entry Fees (exam candidates)
2(1)(s)ADDQUALRegistration Fees (additional qualifications)
2(1)(u)REGFLENRegistration Fees (learners)
2(1)(v)REGFPRARegistration Fees (practitioners)
 PRINMATPurchasing of Printed Matter (Nursing Act, regulations, etc.)
 OTHRFEEOther fees or payments (not mentioned above)

List of Fee Notices

The following fee notices which were published in the Gazette are still applicable:

Notice No.
DateFees covered

2024 Fees

Board Notice

26 May 2023Annual  Fees for 2024
Restoration Fees for 2024
Fees payable by Institutions
Other fees
Government Gazette
46422 of 2022
29 May 2022Annual  Fees for 2023
Restoration Fees for 2023
Fees payable by Institutions
Other fees
Board Notice
of 2021
29 May 2021Annual  Fees for 2022
Restoration Fees for 2022
Fees payable by Institutions
Other fees
Board Notice
43358 of 2020
29 May 2020Annual  Fees for 2021
Restoration Fees for 2021
Fees payable by Institutions
Other fees
Board Notice
43223 of 2020
9 April  2020COVID Restoration Fee
Board Notice
42496 of 2019
31 May 2019Annual  Fees for 2020
Restoration Fees for 2020
Fees payable by Institutions
Other fees