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South African Nursing Council Circulars 2001

Circulars 2001

The following circulars were distributed by South African Nursing Council during 2001:

 1/2001Spelling mistake on cover of the Afrikaans version of the Nomination Form
 2/2001Criteria for the approval of clinical / additional clinical facilities
 3/2001Contribution of questions to the Council’s examination bank
 4/2001Increased price on postage when ordering distinguishing devices
 5/2001Scope of Practice of the Nurse and Midwife – overview
 6/2001Integrated management of childhood illnesses
 7/2001Review of distinguishing devices and uniforms for the nursing profession
 8/2001Examination dates for 2002
 9/2001Amendment of regulations relating to examinations of SANC
 10/2001Revision of Scope of Practice for Nurses
 11/2001Notice of closure of the SANC offices – 21 Dec to 2 Jan
 12/2001Amendment to Circular 18/99 dated 13 December 1999
 13/2001SANC accreditation as an ETQA body
 14/2001Errors in the submission of Notification of Termination of Course and in the Notification of Completion of Training
 15/2001New format of SANC examination papers
 16/2001Approved examination centres for foreign applicants
 17/2001ECSACON announcement and invitation to submit abstracts for paper and poster presentations
 18/2001Annual licencing fee increase 2002



Press Releases 2001

The following press release was issued by South African Nursing Council during 2001:

Press ReleaseDescription
1/2001Council expresses its deep concern about the alleged assault of a patient by nurses



Special News Items 2001

There were no special news items published on the South African Nursing Council website during the year 2001