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South African Nursing Council Circulars 2003

Circulars 2003

The following circulars were distributed by South African Nursing Council during 2001:

 1/2003Request for comments on draft Standards for Nursing Education – SGB
 2/2003Distinguishing Devices: Increase in prices
 3/2003Moratorium on approval of new NEIs 
 4/2003Call for nomination of candidates for election as members of SANC
 5/2003Extension of due date to pay Annual Licencing Fee to 31 March 2013
 6/2003Names of candidates for election of members to SANC
 7/2003Distinguishing Devices: Increase in price of epaulettes and postage
 8/2003Increase in Annual Fees – effective 26 June 2003
 9/2003Request for comments on draft regulations concerning dress code and distinguishing devices
 10/2003Examination schedule for 2014
 11/2003Criteria for registration of constituent assessors by SANC
 12/2003Retention of credits for papers / components passed in examinations conducted by SANC
 13/2003Distinguishing devices: Increase in price of epaulettes
 14/2003Year end closure of SANC