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South African Nursing Council Circulars 2003

Circulars 2003

The following circulars were distributed by South African Nursing Council during 2001:

 1/2003Request for comments on draft Standards for Nursing Education – SGB
 2/2003Distinguishing Devices: Increase in prices
 3/2003Moratorium on approval of new NEIs 
 4/2003Call for nomination of candidates for election as members of SANC
 5/2003Extension of due date to pay Annual Licencing Fee to 31 March 2013
 6/2003Names of candidates for election of members to SANC
 7/2003Distinguishing Devices: Increase in price of epaulettes and postage
 8/2003Increase in Annual Fees – effective 26 June 2003
 9/2003Request for comments on draft regulations concerning dress code and distinguishing devices (This proposal has since been put in abeyance – to be looked at later)
 10/2003Examination schedule for 2004
 11/2003Criteria for registration of constituent assessors by SANC
 12/2003Retention of credits for papers / components passed in examinations conducted by SANC
 13/2003Distinguishing devices: Increase in price of epaulettes
 14/2003Year end closure of SANC



Special News Items 2003

There following special news items were published on the South African Nursing Council website during the year 2003:

Council Members – Elections 2003

Information, results and photos published before, during and after the election process.

Council Members – Members of the 13th South African Nursing

Details of members who served on the 13th South African Nursing Council during the period 26 June 2003 to 25 June 2008.

Council Member a finalist for Marilyn Lahana Award 2003

Report about Mr Alex Alexander, a member of the 13th South African Nursing Council, who was one of the finalists for the Marilyn Lahana Award for 2003.