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South African Nursing Council Circulars 2012

Circulars 2012

The following circulars were distributed by South African Nursing Council during 2012:

 1/2012SANC Easter holiday closure
 2/2012Penalty for candidates found cheating in examinations
 3/2012Improvements to the SANC examination system
 4/2012Revised fees payable for accreditation of NEIs (amended by Circular 5/12)
 5/2012Revised fees payable for accreditation of NEIs (latest – amends Circular 4/12)
 6/2012Dual submission of programmes for accreditation to SANC and CHE
 7/2012Extension of the date of offering legacy qualifications
 8/2012Examination schedule for 2013    Schedule for 2013
 9/2012Extension of date of submission of new nursing programmes for accreditation by SANC and CHE (dual submission Circular 6/2012)
 10/2012Licensing of Nursing Agencies by SANC
 11/2012Year end closure of SANC offices



Press Releases 2012

The following press release was issued by South African Nursing Council during 2012:

Press ReleaseDescription
1/2012International Nurses’ Day




Special News Items 2012

There following special news items were published on the South African Nursing Council website during the year 2012:

The Council building named after Cecilia Makiwane

The Council celebrated on International Nurses’ Day when the building was officially named after Cecelia Makiwane – the first black registered professional nurse in Africa.

South African Nursing Council – Special Recognition Awards 2012

The Council made several special recognition Awards on international Nurses Day 2012. These awards honoured nurses who were instrumental in the transformation of nursing in South Africa.

Council Members – Nomination process for appointment of members of the 15th South African Nursing Council

Details of the nomination process leading to appointment of the 15th South African Nursing Council.